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Many people are surprised to learn there are lots of purebred dogs languishing in shelters and rescues. Most shelters are overrun with sweet dogs of all sorts dying for a family to call their own. Canine homelessness does not discriminate; no matter what kind of dog you’re looking for, you can find him or her in a shelter or rescue—even purebreds of all ilk.

By: Erica Browne Grivas

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Breed: Beagle
Gender: Female/Spayed

Age: Young Adult

Organization: Vancouver Animal Shelter


Happy, cuddly and wiggly best describe our little Dumpling. She loves everything: adults, children, walks, chasing balls, and snacks (of course!). Beagles are pack animals, and true to her breed, she wants to be with other dogs. Dumpling is gentle and sweet, but requires lots of physical activity and social contact.
Dumpling wears a RoadWagz tuxedo dickie with attached gold bowtie and rhinestone buttons.


Breed: Shih Tzu

Gender: Female/Spayed

Age: Adult

Cross Our Paws Rescue


Give her water for swimming,
a cat for snuggling, or a lap
for lounging, and Suzie-Q is in
seventh heaven. This adorable
little sweetie loves to empty her
toy box—toys don’t belong in a
box, you know! She gets on very
well with other dogs, and is fully
housetrained. Suzie-Q seeks an
adults-only home.
Suzi-Q wears a Flea Bag & Co
pastel, mod-print bandana.


Breed: Papillon

Gender: Female

Age: Puppy

Organization: Little Paws Rescue


This wee charmer and her sister,
Twiggy, were born after their
pregnant mom was rescued from
a puppy mill situation. Little
Minnie has a sassy personality
and is very affectionate—human
laps are indeed comfy. She enjoys
walks and absolutely everything
interests her. Though her name is
Minnie, her tongue isn’t; it’s quite
long and peeks out of her mouth.
She is an absolute doll.
Minnie wears a Paris Erotica pale
pink faux fur stole.


Breed: Labrador Retriever

Gender: Male/Neutered

Age: Adult

Organization: Vancouver
Animal Shelter


This is one beautiful, fun, already-trained dog. Happy-go-lucky Crusoe is athletic, but not hyper; he likes to romp, but enjoys relaxing,
too. He knows basic commands,
is good on-leash, likes other dogs, and is keen on playing
fetch. Crusoe barks from kennel
stress, but is quiet and happy on walks. He awaits his “forever family”—could it be yours?
Crusoe wears a Mod Dog plaid scarf with vintage button.


Breed: Miniature Smooth Dachshund

Gender: Female

Age: Puppy

Organization: Dachshund & Small Dog Rescue


People are great! Dogs are great! Squeaky toys are great! Enthusiastic Kaylee loves napping in a sunny spot when she’s not busy exploring all the wonderful things out there in the big wide world. She is affectionate, and also quite the starlet—she’ll always pose for the camera. Kaylee is housetrained, and will be spayed. A home with older children is best.
Kaylee wears a RoadWagz collar and tie with Pet Head crested,
terrycloth wrist bands.


Breed: German Shorthaired Pointer
Gender: Female/Spayed

Age: Adult

Organization: Cross Our Paws Rescue

Sweet Malibu, or Loulou for short, has energy to burn. She’ll swim for hours, and her favourite pastime is—you guessed it—pointing and flushing birds out of the bush. She’ll even point out flies in the house! Loulou needs an exceptionally active, breed-savvy home and several hours of off-leash exercise every day. This loving dog has separation
anxiety—she just wants to be with her people—but if you’ve got the time and energy, smart, affectionate, and athletic Loulou could be just the dog for you!
Malibu wears a Fetchers and
Fighters sparkly blue leather
collar featuring a snap system
that secures the loose end
of the collar.


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By: Erica Browne Grivas
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