CleanWell’s Pocket Pack

CleanWell’s pocket
pack of all-natural
hand sanitizing
wipes ensures
you’re prepared
to deal with the
invariable mucky
moments. $3,

Darford’s Holistic Dog Treats

Let them eat treats! Darford’s
delish all-natural Holistic
mini dog treats are the perfect
little dog-park pick-me up
for pups of all sizes. Made
with all organic turkey, sweet
potatoes, carrots, blueberries,
cranberries, and peas,
these mini munchers make
play-time even more fun.

LED Collar from Dog-E-Glow

Light up after-work walks
and dusk visits to the dog
park with an LED collar and
leash from Dog-E-Glow, available
in over 50 patterns.

The Doodie Pack

Let your dog help out. The
Doodie Pack is a light weight
utility dog-backpack with
roomy pockets designed to
hold bags of dog waste and
walk essentials so you can
keep your hands free. Fits
dogs 8 – 180 pounds. From

Eco Dog Planet’s Doggie Waste Bags

Leave a cleaner
footprint—pick up with
Eco Dog Planet’s doggie
waste bags. They not only
breakdown but are made
from tapioca root, which
is grown without chemical
fertilizers and pesticides
and requires minimal
irrigation. $10 for 3 pack,

Customizable Calling Cards

Make new friends and set up doggie
play-dates with this pack of 20 customizable
calling cards. No longer will you
be known solely as Rex’s mom. $15,

The Lickety Stik

Improve Fifi’s recall skills with the
Lickety Stik, a no-mess liquid treat
dispenser to help motivate a speedy
return. Best of all, it’s only one calorie
every 10 licks. $8,

Planet Dog’s Wood Chuck Ball Tosser

Throw the distance with Planet
Dog’s Wood Chuck ball tosser.
Engineered with sustainable bamboo
and reused cork scraps, this
environmentally friendly alternative
offers maximum chuck-ability
and a clean conscience, while
saving you from slimy ball pick up.

Expandable Food and Water Cup

Dogs that play hard need refreshment. Hook this
expandable food and water cup onto any water
bottle or back pack for an easy way to quench your
dog’s thirst on the go. $10,

The Crazy Coupl’r from Wacky Walk’r

Tired of untangling
leashes while juggling
multiple dogs at the
park? Free up a hand
and avoid spilling
your $6 coffee with
the Crazy Coupl’r from
Wacky Walk’r. $29,