#1 Dracula Dog Costume

Dress your dog up as the most iconic, classic Halloween character: Dracula. This costume kit from Zippy Paws includes a too-cute cape, bat ears, and even a coffin chew toy with a squeaker! $18.99, zippypaws.com

#2 Ballerina Dog Costume

Grab this “Hotter Than You” pink sequin dress from Oscar Newman for the perfect ballerina costume. Sparkly sequins catch the eye with a soft poofy tulle skirt to spin around in! $58.95, shop.moderndogmagazine.com

#3 Baby Alien/Yoda Dog Costume

Get into one of this year’s top trends with the Baby Alien Zoo Snood! Crafted with high quality yarn, this snood is designed to be almost unbearably cute AND keep your dog’s ears warm this winter. Double duty! $16.99 – $26.99, zoosnoods.com

#4 Jack o’ Lantern/Pumpkin Dog Costume

If your dogs don’t love wearing costumes, they can still get in on the fun with this pumpkin-face t-shirt for dogs! $16.99, midleedesigns.com

#5 Cowboy Dog Costume

If your pup has a hard time with the “forward walking” costumes, try out this swanky cowboy coat by Party Animal Pets! The plush and leather exterior and little saddle add a touch of whimsey to your dog’s every day, not just Halloween! Just add a tiny cowboy hat and a bandana and you’re set. $79.00, partyanimalpets.com

#6 Princess Pet Costume

Want to have a mermaid Ariel pug this Halloween? Or is your favourite Disney movie Snow White, Cinderella, or Beauty, and the Beast? These amazing costumes are adorably cute and perfect for making your dog feel special on Halloween Day. Choose your favourite Disney Princess and pick one of these Disney-licensed costumes. $22.99. amazon.com


#7 Sushi Dog Costume

Who doesn’t love sushi? It’s delicious AND cute. Wrap your pup in this nigiri with tons of breathing room, making it an easy costume for your dog to wear. $16.99, spirithalloween.com

#8 Stegosaurus Dinosaur Dog Costume

Turn the clock back to the prehistoric with this stegosaurus costume! Fun fact: the end of the tail is called a “thagomizer.” $39.18, amazon.com

#9 Walking Pirate Dog Costume

Dress your pup up as a walking pirate, complete with a pirate hat and hook arm.This is a great costume for a Halloween party or a trick or treating trip out and about in the neighborhood. $16.99. chewy.com


#10 Venus Fly Trap (Little Shop of Horrors)

Channel Audrey II with this cute Venus fly trap costume for your pup. You’ll be singing “Suddenly Seymour” together all night! $8.99, petsmart.ca