Fave Finds

Fave Finds
Silver Paw Print Earrings

These super cute Sterling Silver Dog Paw Print Earrings are an adorable way to show off your love for dogs! Made by Plum Island Silver, these sweet accessories have an antique finish, and are eco-friendly as they are made from recycled silver. We love how simple and stylish they are, and how they go with everything! - ERM


PawPack is a gift box for your dog, which will arrive every month filled with surprise treats and toys for your pup! This adorable and creative idea saves you the trouble and time of researching and locating the best products for your furry friend. Simply pick a plan and complete a pet profile with PawPack, which lets them know of your dog's preferences and health needs, and he will receive a box full of awesome products every month! The treats selected are always all-natural, and all products are chosen to support local, independent, and small businesses, which ensures that your gifts will be unique, healthy, and high quality. PawPacks include items such as chews, bones, treats, accessories, and toys! - ERM

Anvali-Milano Sandals

Not only are these handmade, genuine leather sandals by Anvali both adorable and comfortable, but you can also express your love for dogs by wearing them! These sandals are customizable to come in different dog breed designs, so they are perfect whether you love corgis, greyhounds, or daschunds!

Designed in Italy and handmade in Kenya, the purchase of these sandals supports dog charities and organizations, as well as the Maharagwe Fauzia Onlus in Kenya, an association that works to develop safe support networks in Kenyan rural villages for pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum depression. - ERM

Sloggers Paw Print Blue Comfort Shoes

Are you always looking for the perfect dog-walking or dog-washing shoes? At Modern Dog we love Sloggers' Paw Print Comfort Shoes, fantastic waterproof shoes made from 100% recycled material. These crazy comfortable shoes are easy to clean and are designed with an adorable paw print pattern, available in both blue and purple colours. With durable soles made from up to 50% recycled material, these Sloggers have awesome traction so that you can keep up with your furry friend's lifestyle! -  ERM

Earth Rated Stain and Odor Remover

No matter how much we love our pets, we don't always love the messes and smells that they produce! Luckily, Earth Rated has two awesome Stain & Odor Removers that are fantastic for getting rid of our pets' not-so-appealing spills. Available in both unscented and lavender scents, these stain and odor removers are safe and non-toxic, and are awesome for preventing future messes. These formulas have also been approved by the Carpet and Rug Institute, which confirms that these products will not ruin carpets! Who knew that your dog's poops could be so easily transformed into the scent of fresh lavender? - ERM


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