Fave Finds

Fave Finds
Maverick Only Leash

Modern Dog office German Shepherd Maverick (pictured) loves his Only Leash -- and so does his mom, who called it "SO handy" and gave it a 10/10! The Only Leash is crazy convenient -- made from stretchable looped bungee, the leash is structured to be easy on, easy off in one quick motion, so that your pup can wear it all the time. This makes it so great for the dog owner on the go, as there will be no more clipping or fumbling around for your leash! Plus, the designs are so cute and colourful -- the Only Leash is available in rainbow, pink camo, Paw Print patterned, and more! - ERM



Summer's not over yet! For fab beach days, Modern Dog loves this adorable Sunberner Tote Bag by Beatrix & Midge Co. This sunny yellow beach-sized tote is perfect for summer adventures, and for bringing along all the supplies you need for a perfect day at the beach. Made from 100% spun polyester weather resistant fabric, the Sunberner Tote Bag is a stylish and practical choice that will help you make the most of summer. - ERM

Oatmeal and Aloe

BEAU Canine Essentials' Moisturizing Oatmeal and Aloe Shampoo has been tried and tested by the Modern Dog tester team! Office dog Maverick in particular recommends this moisturizing coat cleanser and conditioner wholeheartedly. With colloidal oatmeal and aloe that moisturizes and soothes your dog’s skin, this shampoo will also give your pup the awesome aroma of spearmint with hints of french lavender and Mediterranean lemon! The special recipe of botanical extracts and vitamins is sure to give your pup a shiny, healthy coat whether he is white, black, brown, or brinded! - ERM

Bulldogge Nation

Bulldogge Nation's Miracle Balm has been a godsend for Gyoza, one of our office dogs at Modern Dog Magazine. This shepherd mix sometimes suffers from dry paws, yet at the same time, he doesn't like having his paws handled, which can really pose a challenge for his mom. Luckily, Bulldogge Nation's Miracle Balm is easy and quick to use, and its all-natural formula with micro-silver technology works to soothe, moisturize and heal Gyoza when he has a dry, cracked nose or paw pads. Great also for rashes and cuts, this balm is a safe and natural alternative to over-the-counter antimicrobials. All in all, Bulldogge Nation's Miracle Balm is the bomb! - ERM

Dog Ear Lifter

How healthy are your dog's ears? If your dog has low-hanging ears, the diminished air flow can prevent ventilation, leading to more moisture, bacteria, and as a result, infections. But never fear! For droopy-eared pups, the Earlifter has the answer to your ear-health woes! This ingenious invention subtly lifts your pup's ears to provide adequate airflow and provide an environment that prevents the growth of moisture and bacteria. On top of this, 5% of all Earlifter's profits are donated to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) and other top-rated dog charities. Check it out! - ERM


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