DIY Craft: Rescue Proud

DIY Craft: Rescue Proud
DIY Craft: Rescue Proud
Spruce up your summer style with a DIY “Rescue” tee & bandana combo!


Did you rescue your dog—or did she rescue you? Show your rescue pride with a DIY t-shirt for you and matching bandana for your pup! We’ve created some adorable dog-friendly templates—just download and iron onto a bandana or t-shirt for a super cute (and super easy!) pet project.

What You'll Need:

  • 100% cotton t-shirt or bandana (we recommend
  • a lighter colour so that your transfer stands out!)
  • Iron-on transfers (available through most craft stores or office supplies stores for around $10)  
  • An iron
  • And that’s it! Totally easy.

*Pro Tip: we used plain napkins, available at most home stores, rather than bandanas, turning this into a multi-functional design. Create chic napkins, perfect for your next dinner party or picnic, or a rescue-proud doggie bandana—either way these designs are sure to turn heads! 

How To:

  1. Download templates here.
  2. Insert Iron-on paper into your printer, making sure it’s inserted the right way up.
  3. Print the template onto the iron-on transfer sheet and allow to dry for a full five minutes before handling (though we know you’ll be itching to get your paws on it!)
  4. Cut out your design leaving a narrow margin around the edge, but don't cut too close or it will be harder to peel away, and jeopardize the crisp edges of your design. 
  5. Set your iron to the highest cotton setting, and prepare a hard surface (not an ironing board as it’s too soft).
  6. Position your design face down and apply firm pressure with the iron, while smoothly ironing over the template. This requires some arm muscle, so be prepared! And make sure to carefully follow the iron-on instructions. Be sure not to iron too long or you'll discolour the edges of the transfer!
  7. Peel away the template sheet and voilà! a stylish design for you or your deserving pup.

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