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Meet: Winston

Great Pyrenees / Bernese Mountain Dog
Debbie Murray & Ryan Pollard
Milton, ON

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This is our 10 week old Puppy, Winston.
He is such a good boy and very fluffy and cute.
He is a welcome addition to our family. His older sister, Bella (Puggle)
is still getting used to him. He will be bigger than her in no time!
Our daughter is so excited to have her first puppy. We are all in love with him.
10 weeks
Winstypoo, Win
Chewing, playing with his toys, romping around in the backyard
he does not like his new bowls, for his food.
Favorite Foods: 
Nutro Lamb and Rice Puppy, Yogurt
Favorite Pastimes: 
Chewing things, Trying to play with his sister, Bella

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