Moderndog Photo Contest Entry- Vincent the Bandit of Jersey

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Meet: Vincent the Bandit of Jersey

Miniature Schnauzer
Mark & Karen Pulfer
Little Egg Harbour, NJ

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Vinny is a one year old liver colored Merle Miniature Schnauzer and has become Mark's constant companion. He enjoys "snow" (this picture was taken after he set on the deck for over 15 minutes watching it snow) walks, his toys, ice cubes and everyone's socks. He loves our house guest and always wants to go home with them. Most comments we get from people ... is he real?
His toys, ice cubes, walks, everyone's socks
Bath, hair cuts
Favorite Foods: 
He's not allowed people food but when he hears popcorn popping - he always manages to beg enough to score some...a lot.
Favorite Pastimes: 
Laying on Mark's feet

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