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Meet: Tinkerbell

Kathy Dixon
Soda Springs, Idaho

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Tinkerbell loves to go visit the residents at our local nursing home every Tuesday.. The residents enjoy her showing them some of her tricks like dancing, shaking their hands, giving them five, walking on her hind legs and many more. Tinkerbell will be 10 years old on May 10th..She has almost 220 out fits, including socks, coats, and necklaces.
9 1/2
Tink, Tinker, Tinky, Princess Tinkerbell, sister, mommas baby
Playing with her bunny every night before bed, Car rides, buggy rides in her stroller, Barking, new clothes, people, her blankies
Baths, mom going to work
Favorite Foods: 
Science diet treats, Science diet small bites dog food, peanut butter, broccoli,bananas,
Favorite Pastimes: 
Following mom to the bathroom and any other place she may go, going to see her granny

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