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Meet: Seulong

Sangho Park
Jeju Island, South Korea

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This is Seulong, my furry and silly son. He turned 2 yesterday, so this is a kind of celebration for him. (he still look and acts like a puppy though) It amazes me to think that his father (the sire) came all the way to Korea from US, and how fortunate we were to meet Seulong. His mommy (my wife) is his first love and his squeaky balls are the second. This photo was taken at a private botanical garden two weeks ago when we had a fun picnic. He's a great-grandson of Malachy the Pekingese.
Mr Silly, Ong-yi
mum, squeaky balls, mommy's hand rubbing his belly, anything that bounces, Suzy the female peke who lives with him
bath.. of course, treats that feel mushy
Favorite Foods: 
egg york, beef
Favorite Pastimes: 
sleeping, taking a nap and going to bed with his toy in his mouth.

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