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My Rusty. My sweet adorable little angel. It was my 14th birthday when my dog entered my life. He was only three weeks old when we met, and i immediately fell in love. As the years went by, Rusty stepped up to the title "worlds best dog", at least in my eyes. He has brought an infinite amount of joy into my life, simply by the silly acts he does. One in Particular, Picking up everything with his mouth and Just holding it for hours (not chewing). When I say everything i really do mean EVERYTHING (remote controls, stuffed animals, cameras, food bowls, socks, markers and even phones!). This picture was taken on 4th of July last year. We had bought miniature American flags for the celebration we would be attending later in the day. well, while I was packing the mini flags up into my bag one fell to the ground, Of course Rusty immediately grabbed it in his mouth. I thought nothing much of this because he usually grabs EVERYTHING, so I continued to pack. A few hours past an we were ready to leave, as soon as i opened the door rusty stormed out to lawn and ran ballistic. Neighbors came from all directions with cameras and phones just taking pictures of him with the American flag I had dropped on the floor HOURS ago Still in his mouth. This picture made me smile as well as many other neighbors and friends. I know this picture of my sweet adorable little Rusty will bring a smile to many Americans all over the country.

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