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Meet: Oliver

Connemara Jack Russell Terrier
Ingrid Niesen
Salt Lake City

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Oliver is a very sweet, loving terrier. His tail is always wagging, hence one of his nicknames Mr. Wags! He likes people, other dogs, loves his best friend half sister Lucy, and Mom & Dad. He loves to snuggle and sleep in under the covers with me. December 5th 2015 he herniated a disc in his back, needing emergency surgery since he couldn't use his rear legs. He has been in PTherapy since then. A water treadmill has been a major part of his recovery. He is walking, running and playing again!
Ollie, Bubbie, Mister Wags,
His sister Lucy, Mom and Dad, treats, walks, playing in the backyard, people, Scottie friend Eufy
Loud noises, mean dogs,
Favorite Foods: 
Plato dog treats, salmon treats, Yam chews
Favorite Pastimes: 
Hiding in the thick grasses waiting for critters, playing with Lucy, snuggling with Mom,

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