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Meet: Loki

English Mastiff and German Shepherd
Ricky and Christi Plunkett
Alamosa, CO

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Loki definitely lives up to his name. Not only does he have a very unique sense of humor, but he definitely is a trickster. But don't misunderstand his care free energy, he will regulate anyone who comes within his radar.
2 yrs
Twin Snakes, peanut butter m&ms, playing with Monkey, (our cat) exercising, and playing hard at the day park.
Anybody coming over, when I clean, when he thinks he's going to be left out of a family thing.
Favorite Foods: 
Twin snakes and peanut butter m&ms and Purina lamb and chicken. He picked it out himself
Favorite Pastimes: 
Chasing tennis balls, running next to Ricky biking, getting lots and lots of Loki love

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