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Meet: Leo's Land Sir Carter, a Clement Gentleman

Shelley Scott Niles Freeman
Clements CA

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Sir Carter is a 3 month old Leonberger! He loves the water, is in training to track and perform water rescues.

He is quite the toddler. Loves his raw food diet, duck treats and beating the water out of his water bowl.

He is also a nature lover. He takes daily walks on his ranch and hasn't quite figured out the neighbors horses yet.
Carter,, born in Georgia and made the trek to California by car, making him the perfect traveler. He looks forward to sharing more photos in as he ages
3 months
Water, the hose, rain, kitties, other dogs, people, raw food
His crate
Favorite Foods: 
Raw Beef Tripe and veggies, natural duck treats
Favorite Pastimes: 
Playing in the backyard pond, pool, fetching and playing with other dogs

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