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Kalli here came to me almost 4 years ago. She is a rescue dog and has a variety of left over issues from her early days. But she is now a incredibly loving, fun dog to have and has been worth the blood sweat and tears 10 times over. She is so eager to please, a wonderful subject for my pet photography and just so loving. She loves playing with a Kong SqueakAir (other balls she won't use, she is such a ball snob!) and charges into and out of the water just like she does everything - with gusto!
4 years
Kalli, Poppet, Monster, Monkey, Baby
balls, chasing stuff, sniffing stuff, cuddling, being on the bed or the couch
other dogs apart from her brother and bestie, traffic, the clicker (scary, right!) people eating gum, the hoover
Favorite Foods: 
Any type of fish, cheese, sausage and whatever Mum forgets to put away
Favorite Pastimes: 
running and cuddling

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