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Meet: Grim

American Staffordshire Terrier
Autumn Laschuk
Edmonton AB

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My silly baby boy, the sweetest angel! #justice for bullies!
We want to help end the negative bad wrap that 'pitbulls' get, they are the most loving, loyal, smart & silly dogs! the only thing that makes pitbulls 'scary' is their farts! lol
His Instagram account is doggy_grim
9 months
Grimmy, Professor Grim, Baby Grim
kisses, treats, squeaky toys, his cat friends, learning new tricks
rain, not being allowed to chew his bone on the bed
Favorite Foods: 
yogurt, canned sweet potatoes, peas, cheese, chicken
Favorite Pastimes: 
laying in the sun, watching out the window, car rides, play time, pulling all the stuffing out of his toys, naps

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