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Meet: Garak and Odo

Garak- Golden Retriever/Weimeriner; Odo- Miniature Dauchshund
Delsie Jack

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We are Garak and Odo! Garak is a 1.5 year old male rescue dog from a northern reserve and absolutely loves his big little brother. Odo is a 3 year old male silver dapple miniature dachshund. It can get very cold up here (-40 in the winter). Although Garak is built for the cold he still needs to wear a sweater and little Odo...well...he needs a snowsuit if I can even get him out the front door.
Garak- 1.5 years; Odo 3 years
Garak--Fraggle; Odo- Weiner
Garak- carrying around his stuffed lamb; Odo- tunnelling under the blankets
Garak- Getting his nails cut!; Odo- the vaccuum
Favorite Foods: 
Garak- Anything he isn't supposed to eat; Odo- Anything and everything but especially apples and bell peppers
Favorite Pastimes: 
Garak- Trying to pull food off the counters; Odo- chasing our 3 cats

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