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Meet: Donald Ducky

Huntington Beach, Ca

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Donald “Ducky” is a 10 yr old male Pomeranian. He just recently finished in the top 10 out of 4,000 entries in the National Cadbury bunny tryouts! He enjoys many activities, but his favorites are going to the Dog Beach or the snow, dressing up for costume contests, and playing fetch with a stuffed spider toy. Ducky loves the spot light and is always ready to put on show. He was diagnosed with heart disease but with changes in diet he’s better than ever continuing to show his amazing personality.
Ducky, ducky woo, bubba dub, fluff nugget, the woo man, sir ducky king of the woo
Dog treats, dog beach, playing in the snow, taking naps, swimming in the pool, car rides, flying in airplanes, dressing up and competing in contests
Ducky doesn’t dislike much, but he doesn’t like getting left at home (he always wants to be with me), he’s also a little scared of pet birds
Favorite Foods: 
He loves French fries, pizza crust, and pupachinos, but since he was diagnosed with heart disease he can’t have sodium, so he has special treats (hills baked chicken and carrots or beef and sweet potato)
Favorite Pastimes: 
Taking naps on his ice packs, looking for dropped food, playing with his toy spider, getting belly rubs

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