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Meet: Chumlee

Basset Hound
Lynn McCarthy
Los Angeles, California

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Chumlee is a rescue, adopted (along with Delphina, photobombing in the background) from Daphneyland in California earlier this year. Chumlee was rescued after being hit by a car, his rescuer was told he would never regain use of his back leg and it should be amputated but she was convinced she could get him moving and didn't give up until he was running around the rescue ranch with the 60 other hounds!
Chum Dog, Chum Bum, Chumlee stop that!
Chewing books, sitting on humans, taking the best spot on the couch, sleeping with all legs in the air, Mom singing If You Wish Upon a Star before bed!
Being told what to do, people who don't share food, sharing toys!
Favorite Foods: 
Everything, especially if it's forbidden
Favorite Pastimes: 
Barking, running, stealing whatever toy Delphina is playing with!

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