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Meet: Chandler Houghes

Japanese Chin
Mary Clare Houghes

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Chandler is a 6 year-old, sable and white, purebred Japanese Chin dog. He was my first Chin and has a brother, Joey, and a little sister, Baby Emily. Joey and Baby Emily are black and white Japanese Chin and they just adore their big brother.
Chandler has just the sweetest temperament and loves to spend most his time with both his human Mommy and Daddy and Chin siblings. Chandler also loves toys, especially his ducks. He will retrieve "ducky" from his toy box if so asked.
Chan Man, Boo Bear
Toys, doggie treats, his Chin siblings, sleeping on his human's bed
Baths, having his nails clipped, veterinarian visits
Favorite Foods: 
Dr. Harvey's Veg To Bowl & Miracle Meal with chicken breast, Cheese, Dog Treats
Favorite Pastimes: 
Playing catch with his toys, running in the back yard with his Chin siblings

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