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Meet: Caleb

Chanone Sanders
Surrey, BC

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Caleb is a rescue dog who stole my heart as a tiny puppy. He spent his life helping dogs learn to socialize by sending them calming signal and by setting a good example. He has done agility, protection work, scent detection, a TV commercial and more. He is now getting older and retiring from training, but I can't think of a better way to honour his life than giving him a photo shoot in a magazine. Caleb loves attention & regularly hams it up for the camera. He is my heart dog & best friend.
8 Years
Caleb Alexander, Mr. B, Mr. Snuggles
Training, Hiking, Swimming, Toys, Snuggling
Not being involved in whatever is going on
Favorite Foods: 
Anything! - He's a Rottweiler...
Favorite Pastimes: 
Snuggles with "mom"

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