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chelsea garrett
easton, pa

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Nacho is a blue merel Chihuahua. He's an energetic 1 year old who loves to play, hunt, and cuddle. He has 4 new pups and a beautiful wife Ziggy. They have a happy family. He loves helping his new pups, he bathes them and keeps them warm. When he's not on daddy-duty he likes to sunbathe, cuddle with mama and watch sponge bob square pants or wrestleing. ( this is very true!) Nachos' favorite toys are small stuffed animals, or family undergarmets. He likes chasing butterflies in the warm weather, or hunting in his icey jungle in the winter.
nach, big man
bath time, when i play puppy vaccum,
pickles,cold water, turtle neck sweaters
Favorite Foods: 
life cereal, nature's choice, bacon
Favorite Pastimes: 
walks, swimming, fishing and hunting, watching tv, cuddeling, sunbathing

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