Sneak Peek: Modern Dog's Spring Issue is Here!

After a bumpy start to the year, spring is finally here, and it couldn’t be more welcome! The return of warmer weather and longer daylight hours has us eagerly...more
Pets in Crisis

Animal Lovers Donate to Help Ukrainian Pets In Crisis (Photos)

One week, ago Helen Woodward Animal Center put out a call for support for the Ukrainian people and their animals. In a heartwarming display of compassion and...more
GPE 2022 Teaser

Are You Ready For Global Pet Expo 2022?

It’s here! The annual event all pet retailers and distributors look forward to is live and in-person March 23-25 in Orlando, Florida! more

Sneak Peek: Modern Dog's Winter 2021 Issue is Here!

From beautiful canine finds to heartwarming and delightful dog stories, the Winter issue has it all! more

Westminster 2022: The Return to Madison Square Garden

Historic dog show returns home to the Big Apple more

Get Your Own Robotic Dog For Just $2899.99

Sony’s artificially intelligent dog companion is winning hearts more

Modern Dog's Fall 2021 Issue is Here!

From the BEST fall gear to heartwarming and delightful dog stories, the fall issue has it all!  more

Dog Excitedly Rings Bell to Notify Owners of Bears—In Their Swimming Pool!

Owner Tiffany Kress films her dog alerting the family to an unusual pool party in progress more

Dogs The Size of Grizzly Bears Roamed Prehistoric Earth

University study illuminates shocking size and surprising hunting methods of prehistoric dogs more

Dog Saves 18-Year-Old From Rattlesnake: "My heart just dropped"

“If it wasn’t for him I don’t know if I would have the opportunity to be here today.” more


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