Fave Finds

Fave Finds
Better Food, Better Health for Your Dog
Fresh Dog Food Delivery

We love NomNomNow, recently rated as one of the top fresh dog food delivery companies! You can't go wrong. I know you want to give your dog the best life with the best diet possible. NomNomNow delivers (yes, straight to your door and at no extra charge), wholesome and nutritious dog meals made for your best friend with the freshest,restaurant-quality ingredients available. Each ready to serve meal will meet the specific nutrition needs of your dog.

Dogs bark about having:

  • Stronger immune system, fewer ailments
  • More energy
  • Shinier and softer coat
  • Healthy weight
  • Better overall mood

Did you know there is no risk to you to try! NomNomNow offers a care-grade guarantee: if you don’t see the difference from the wholesome NomNomNow fresh diet after 30 days of eating, NomNomNow will buy your dog's next order.

Give your dog the best diet, did we mention fresh dog food delivery right to your door? Click here now to save 30% discount applied at checkout to give your dog the best diet.

Anything Dogs Logo

As fellow dog lovers, we think the best kind of evening is spent relaxing at home with a glass of wine and your good doggy!

That’s why we love Anything Dogs line of Dog Lover Wine Gifts! With plenty of wine-related gift items and 130 + dog breeds to choose from, you’ll be sure to find a unique gift that will please any wine or dog enthusiast!

Swimming Dog Red Wine GlasswareThe Waterdog Swimming Dog Wine Glassware is definitely a Modern Dog fave! These glasses are sold as a set of two and are hand decorated on pure crystal glass with an adorable print of a dog swimming in the water. Two sizes of wine goblets are available depending on if you are a white or red wine lover! If the dog-enthusiast you are shopping for prefers a different type of tipple, this line also features beer, high ball and martini  glassware styles!

Anything Dogs Border Collie Wine RackWe also love their cute line of Dog Breed Wine racks! Available in a two-bottle or four-bottle size, these racks feature a head study of your favorite dog (here are about 65 dog breeds to choose from!) and come in a choice of light or dark oak finishes. Best of all, each wine rack is hand casted and hand painted in the USA!

Anything Dogs also has a line of Terra Cotta Dog Breed Wine coolers. These coolers are handmade and can hold a 750 ml bottle of wine. Once you soak the cooler in cold water, the wet terra cotta material will keep the temperature of the wine from rising. All dog breeds are available to use as a print on the cooler and are hand-painted to order!

Anything Dogs "Whine" CoolersNot a wine lover? Anything Dogs has a wide variety of dog-centered gifts for both you and your dog! They have beautiful handcrafted signs, walking/hiking sticks, dinnerware and so much more! Check out all of Anything Dogs products at https://www.anythingdogs.com/. -KD

K9 Crisps Logo

It’s no secret that chips are one of the best snacks out there, so why shouldn’t your dog get to enjoy them as well?

Here at Modern Dog, we’re all about healthy snacks that are tasty and nutritious, especially when it comes to our dogs. K9 Crisps Chicken Chips are the grain-free way to let your dog indulge themselves without sacrificing nutritional benefits.

K9 Crisps Chicken chips dog treatsWe love that these chips are made up of simple ingredients like chicken tenderloin, so you know what is going into your dog’s body. This also makes them perfect for dogs with allergies. You won’t have to waste your time reading through the ingredient list to make sure they’re safe. These chicken chips are also great for any size dog as they can easily be broken into pieces for smaller breeds.

Best of all, K9 Crisps Chicken Chips contain no hormones or preservatives and are low in fat and calories! It’s a perfect little snack that both you and your dog can feel good about!

These snacks come in either an 8 oz or 16 oz bag for you to choose from. We’ve had our official taste testers give them a try and they were a big hit! So go ahead and let your dog enjoy these tasty treats! https://k9crisps.com/ -AL

Dachshund print

For all you weiner-lovers out there, Bean Goods has exactly what you need!

dachshund wearing Bean Goods weenicorn dog sweaterThis dachshund-centered company makes custom pieces with your doxie’s face on them—everything from tee-shirts, to leggings, to blankets. These super cute—and often cheeky—pieces make great gifts for yourself, or any other dachshund-lover in your life. Here at the Modern Dog office, some of our favourites are the “F.U.R.E.N.D.S” and “DOGUE” designs.

Bean Goods women's "dogue" sweater Bean Goods is all about comfort, for both you and your dachshund. Their human sweaters are made of a finely knit French terry which is designed to keep you cool and dry, and their  dachshund sweaters are made of super soft fleece, guaranteed to make your dog feel warm and cozy.

Even better, their designs are funky and unique. Who wouldn’t want their dog wearing a weenicorn hoodie (this is a dachshund unicorn, of course)! Because of their longer bodies, it can be difficult to find sweaters that fit dachshunds, but because Bean Goods focuses only on dachshund-specific products, their dog sweaters have longer torsos and shorter sleeves so your pup can have clothes made for his or her body.

dachshund under Bean Goods blanket and pillowBean Goods not only has amazing products, but they also donate to and support dachshund rescues! They’ve created a monthly adoption series where they partner with a different rescue every month, create a new tee-shirt, and donate 35% of these profits to that month’s rescue. So go ahead and support a company that understands the importance of rescue awareness. You can find all of their products at beangoods.com. - AL

DôyenWorld banner

We here at Modern Dog know that as a proud dog owner, you are always looking for fun ways to keep your pet happy and healthy.

DoyenDog Treat dispensing toyThat’s why we recommend that you check out DôyenWorld’s DôyenDog toy series. These toys are a great way to promote healthy exercise for your dog.

DôyenDog toys are a self-balancing and wobbling figure that is perfect for your dog to play with around the house. It features a food dispenser that you can hide treats in that will keep your pet working hard for their yummy snacks. DôyenDog also features a unique chamber that can hold herbs such as anise seeds that will also entertain your pet for hours. 

Best of all, these toys are made from non-toxic materials and are safe for your dog to use. It comes in a range of vibrant colours for you to choose from – such as banana yellow, watermelon, lime green, tangerine and Tealberry. doyendog toy

Or if you would like a more customized and unique design, you can personalize a blank DôyenPet specifically for your dog! Simply draw or paint on any design you like and let your imagination take over! Just make sure that you are using pet friendly paints and markers.

Priced at $16.99, we definitely recommend checking these fun interactive toys out for your dog at doyenworld.com. -GR

Dog with DoyenDog toy


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