American Cocker Spaniel

Meet Samantha

The true communication of a dog's love and devotion not only comes from their heart, but through their eyes. Even as human today we use our eyes to express emotions in so many ways the heart can not. Look in the eye of every dog and you will definitely reassure them of the trust, and bond they need to put into their owners eery milli-second of their lives... And Samantha, has already learned that millions of times. For she is my only and first sister that I always love regardless of the difference in our species. *(^.^)*

Facts About Me
  • Age 14
  • Dislikes Nothing really~ the world is the way it is :D
  • Foods macoroni and cheese Japanese food ( i have to learn some more cuisines!) asian foods spinach and cheese
  • Pastimes Teaching Samantha Agility! When samantha was small Playing soccer Laguardia audition and acceptance!
Dogs Like Me
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