Little Bit of Honey

Yorkshire Terrier

Meet Little Bit of Honey

Little Bit of Honey is just that. Honey color and tiny. She was born in Arkansa, purchased on Marco Island and Florida and now resides in Nova Scotia. She loves to go fishing and because of her antics a book called Little Bit Goes Fishing was published in 2012. She is admired by all who meet her and continues to astonish people just with her looks and liveliness. Always alert she continues to mesmerize people with her winning eyes and kind personality. She's a mother hen to a Pekingese.

Facts About Me
  • Age 6
  • Nicknames Little Bit- Little One- Blonde- Snookums
  • Dislikes Cold, Swimming. When she is not with me.
  • Foods Chicken, Liver, Beef, Sweet Potatoe, Rice, Some Fish.
  • Pastimes Walking the beach. Playing with Chan her friend. Laying in the sunny spots at home. Sitting wit Nana. Also tells on her buddy Chan or tries to instigate trouble.
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