Boarder Collie

Meet Fraizer

says momma when he wants my attentioni, gives back paw,knows where his nose is,when asked,loves to go everywhere with me.I can asked him to find the remote, his own pillow and if you move it he puts it back where he sleeps.If I go to a neighbors for a minute he will track me down and sit at the front door, usually mouthing out "Momma".he will sing and adjust the pitch with yours,loves conversing with a group by jumping up in a chair or a lap and mingle dog talk,,seeks out lost skateboards

Facts About Me
  • Age 13
  • Nicknames Fray
  • Dislikes mean people
  • Foods blueberry treats,cheese, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, carrot juice,chicken
  • Pastimes just hanging out ,and making friends,greets people loves to go to Petsmart
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