Bella Eve and Lilly Anne

Golden Retriever and Chocolate Lab

Meet Bella Eve and Lilly Anne

Lilly-Anne is my 10 month old Golden Retriever. Bella-Eve is my 7 year old Chocolate Lab. They have turned into besties. They love the beach and the woods! They love spending time with mom in the yard. They love their pool and ' Lilly loves watching Kangaroos on TV! Bella-Eve loves digging for anything anyone through in her pool…then she drools… for a very long time. Silly pups.

Facts About Me
  • Age 10 months and 7 Years
  • Nicknames Lolly and Bolly
  • Dislikes Lilly hates the vacuum and Bella hates anything Lilly likes
  • Foods Any food…. Any time
  • Pastimes Lilly likes to watch Kangaroos Bella likes her pool
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