Dog Training

Dogs That Play Too Rough

Does Your Dog Play Too Rough?

5 Ways to Calm Your Roughhousing Pooch more
Jobs with Dogs

Jobs Working with Dogs

There are many people who love animals but aren’t sure how to turn their passion into a career. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of job options for dog lovers. Check out these top 4 career choices for dog lovers to see if one of these careers is for you and find out what you need to do to get started. more

How to Crate Train A Dog!

Learning how to crate train a dog is essential for any pet parent. It provides safety and security, aids in training, and gives dogs a lifelong space of their...more
Misunderstanding Dog Behaviours

4 Commonly Misread Dog Behaviors Explained!

Four commonly misinterpreted dog behaviours explained more
Training Mistakes

Top 9 Common Dog Training Mistakes

Are YOU the problem? These common responses to problem canine behaviours are confusing your dog or, worse yet, encouraging the very behaviour you’re trying to avoid more
Are You Stressing Out Your Dog?

Are You Stressing Out Your Dog?

If your dog seems high strung, you may want to look in the mirror more
dog behavior changes

Terrible Teens! Has Your Dog's Behavior Changed?

Canine Behavioural Changes During Adolescence more
Professional Dog Trainer

Tales From a Professional Dog Trainer

Tom Shelby's Dog Training Diaries more
Dog Personality

Does a Dog's Personality Change Over Time?

Does your personality influence your dog's? Does a dog's personality change over time? A new study digs deep to answer these questions more
Dominant Dog Behavior

Is The Dog In Charge?

Maybe, but that doesn’t mean you have a dominance issue more


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