DIY Vacation Dog Tags

DIY Vacation Dog Tags
DIY Vacation Dog Tags
Create a temporary ID tag for your pet while on holiday


Whether your dog is heading to the summer cabin with you or is camping out with friends for a few weeks while you’re on vacation, he needs temporary tags noting his new contact details!

Use this Vacation Tag template to create temporary ID for your dog. Just personalize, print, stick together, and sandwich in clear shelf liner or packing tape. Then add to your dog’s collar so if she gets lost, she’ll be returned!

Make it! Create temporary ID for your dog:

  1. Download template here.
  2. Open the template in Adobe Reader and type your vacation contact info into the template for the back side of the tag, print out both the front and back side of the tag on card stock, and cut each out with scissors.
  3. Next cut out two pieces of clear, self-adhesive shelf liner and sandwich your new cardstock tag between them. (In a pinch, packing tape or even Scotch tape will do the trick.)
  4. Punch a hole for a key ring and attach to your dog’s collar. Happy vacationing!

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