Connie's Book Club—Fall 2018

Connie's Book Club

Connie's Book Club

A Healing Justice

By Kristin Von Kreisler

This inspiring novel tells the story of police officer Andie Brady and her German Shepherd, Justice, who serves as her active K-9 partner and loyal friend. After a horrible crime takes place, Andie, hounded by the press and wracked with her own guilt, is placed on administrative leave. With her career and her freedom at stake, Andie returns to a small Puget Sound, Washington community, where she worries that she will lose everything, including the critically injured Justice. In chronicling Andie’s journey to recovery, this wonderful story powerfully renders the post-trauma road to healing while offering a touching and honest representation of the strength and loyalty of our amazing canine friends.

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Santa's Dog

By Written by JoAnn Sky
Illustrated by Ed Koehler

In this entirely winning Christmas story, award-winning author JoAnn Sky and illustrator Ed Koehler deftly capture the love and joy only a dog can bring to a family. When Santa’s dog Lance accidentally falls out of the sleigh Christmas Eve, Lance is taken to an animal shelter and then brought to the home of a military family whose Dad is leaving to serve his country. As the year passes, Lance must decide if he wants to stay with his new family or return to the North Pole with Santa next Christmas Eve. Adults and children alike will love this heartwarming story that movingly illustrates the deep bond between people and their pups.

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Living With a Deaf Dog

By Susan Cope Becker

If you have a deaf or hearing-impaired dog in your life (or are considering adopting one), this book is a must read. An excellent companion guide, it’s full of insightful and practical training advice specific to deaf and hard-of-hearing dogs. An invaluable resource in understanding and communicating with your hearing-impaired pup!

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Go Find

By Susan Purvis

This amazing story chronicles the journey of Susan Purvis and her Labrador retriever, Tasha, as they train to become a search-and-rescue duo. Join the courageous pair as they venture through snowstorms, sea storms, and untamed forests to pursue certification in avalanche, water, and wilderness recovery. During this difficult but rewarding journey, Susan also finds she is on a voyage of self-discovery, reconnecting with her true nature and finding communion with the other lost souls on this adventure. This exhilarating and motivating book is a must-read for physical adventurers and explorers of the wilds of the soul alike.

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In the Line of Fire:

Daring Stories of Man’s Best Hero
By Ace Collins

These moving stories of amazing dogs and their remarkable bravery will keep you on the edge of your seat! In the Line of Fire recounts the life-saving missions of courageous dogs serving in the military. Facing fear and danger to protect and empower those they work with, these dogs save the day on incredible missions. If you ever needed a reminder of the limitless valour and devotion of dogs, this is it. Courage, faith, loyalty—this inspiring book has it all!

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A Dog’s Way Home

By W. Bruce Cameron

W. Bruce Cameron, bestselling author of A Dog’s Purpose, weaves another utterly compelling, heartstring-tugging, deeply relatable story capturing the devotion and powerful bond between dogs and their people. A Dog’s Way Home tells the story of Bella, a young dog who gets separated from her beloved family. Told through Bella’s perspective, the reader follows along as she embarks on an incredible, dangerous journey through 400 miles of Colorado wilderness to try and find her loved ones. You’ll laugh, cry, and cheer all the way through to the very end. It’s soon to become a major motion picture so read it now! 

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Big Dogs, Little Dogs:

A Visual Guide to the World’s Dogs
By Jim Medway

This colourful, engaging picture book is a totally charmer! Children and parents alike will love this fun yet educational introduction to the world’s 300 domestic dog breeds. Organized by seven official groupings (Working, Toy, Hound, Terrier, Herding, Sporting and Non-Sporting), it includes every breed recognized by the American Kennel Club, as well as yet-to-be recognized breeds, popular mixes, and less familiar breeds recognized in other countries. Add to this a fun Puppy Identifier and a Dog Breed Fact Index, and you have an entertaining book that will be enjoyed by the entire family!

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Burning Ridge

By Margaret Mizushima

When Officer Mattie Cobb and her K-9 partner Robo are called in to investigate a murder at Redstone Ridge, Mattie is stunned to learn that she actually had a close personal relationship with the victim. As the investigation continues, more bodies are discovered, and Mattie finds herself caught up in a horrifying game with an unhinged killer. Will Mattie and her trusty canine partner be able to solve the mystery and stop the murderer? Delve into this suspenseful and engrossing novel to find out!

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Bring Jade Home

By Michelle Caffrey

After surviving a terrible car wreck in Yellowstone National Park, David Sowers and Laura Gillice find that their nightmare has only just begun—they are devastated to learn that their Australian Shepherd, Jade, has gone missing after the accident, having escaped the hands of rangers and dashed into the wilderness. With the park full of wolves, mountain lions, and grizzly bears, David and Laura are unable to rest until they can bring Jade safely home. This uplifting true tale about one couple’s devotion to their dog and the selfless volunteers that support them in their quest, is guaranteed to lift your spirits. Don’t be surprised if you come away inspired to visit the glorious Yellowstone National Park as well.

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