A bed built for a queen (and her king)

A bed built for a queen (and her king)
December 7, 2012 by Sara Lima

It recently dawned on me that it might be weird that I tuck my dogs in at night. Furthermore, it might also be deemed strange that my dogs have a luxurious, human-like bed. Rather than curling up on a large, overstuffed, glorified pillow, my dogs have a proper bed featuring two (that's right, two) mattresses, two pillows, and a blanket to share.

The bottom "mattress" is the XL Southern Palms bed from Kiss My Mutt that the dogs love. Next is the faux fur bed I made for them using a throw and a memory foam mattress. Once the dogs lie down in their usual spots, I fluff their pillows and place the warm fleecie blankie that I made for them overtop, ensuring they have the best, coziest slumber possible.

To me this seems totally normal, in fact, it helps me sleep better knowing they're both tucked in and resting fitfully where I can hear them. Sometimes Roxy likes to unearth herself from the blanket to wander our empty hallway at night, but this makes me feel uneasy so I get out of bed, pick her up and tuck her back in. This odd nocturnal habit of ours might sound extreme to some, but for us it's our regular nightly bedtime ritual.

Do you tuck your dogs in at night?

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