Response Products™ Launches New Product: Cetyl M® Regular Strength for Dogs

Response Products™ Launches New Product: Cetyl M® Regular Strength for Dogs

Broken Bow, NE – Response Products™ has launched a new, unique, natural joint health supplement, Cetyl M® Regular Strength for Dogs, complimenting their proven line of nutraceutical products.  Listening to their customer feedback, Response Products™ developed a product to support the needs of healthy and active dogs to help maintain their active joints. “Veterinarians are stressing more and more to their customers the importance of prevention when it comes to their pets, and now Response Products™ has an option for them,” said Lyndsey Myers, Marketing Director at Response Products™. The name “Cetyl M” comes from the product’s powerful key ingredient, Cetyl Myristoleate, and can be found in the whole line of joint health supplements by Response Products™. A proprietary blend of Resveratrol and Blue Green Algae compliment Cetyl Myristoleate in this product to aid in overall joint health and support with added immune support. Per Ms. Myers, “Cetyl M® Regular Strength for Dogs is truly Fit For Any Life.”

Response Products™ is a progressive, family-owned company dedicated to the development and marketing of innovative joint health and nutrition products for people, companion animals, and horses . Headquartered in Broken Bow, Nebraska, Response Products™ has grown dramatically as a company since its beginnings in 1998—and is serving customers today on virtually every continent in the world.

Cetyl M® Regular Strength for Dogs carries on the tradition of the company to provide a better quality of life for cats, dogs, horses, and humans. Response Products™ strives to produce products with the highest quality ingredients, giving their products a superior formula over its competition.  All of its products are made in FDA-approved and cGMP facilities.  Response Products is also a proud audited member of the N.A.S.C. (National Animal Supplement Council), which means its products are held to a higher standard of quality and guidelines.  Taking these extra steps helps Response Products assure customer satisfaction and provide a higher quality of life for the people and animals it serves.

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