October 9, 2014 by Modern Pets

After a successful launch and strong showing at several trade shows across Canada and the United States, Jascor Housewares Inc. is excited and ready to share its new line of dog care products with the rest of the dog-loving world. Visit the Messy Mutts™ website to learn more about the new line, which includes Silicone Single and Double Feeders, Non-slip Stainless Steel bowls, Chenille Mats & Towels, amongst other fashionable, functional dog care offerings for your dog & your home.

Mud, puddles (the bigger the better), more mud – these are just a few things our furry friends love. Chris and Lauren’s pooches Daisy and Davis are no different. Their favourite place is the great outdoors – unfortunately they like to bring it back inside with them too. And so, Messy Mutts was born: a new line of fashionable and functional dog care products. Chris has been designing stylish housewares for years. His eye for design is like a dog’s sense of smell. All Messy Mutts products are tastefully colourful, stylish and most importantly functional. Just ask Daisy: “Woof, Woof” or Davis: “Bark!” They sure agree.The Messy Mutts dog care products naturally look good in your home. Just because you have a dog, or two, or three doesn’t mean your home has to look it. You shouldn’t compromise between maintaining a chic home and wholeheartedly loving your messy mutts. It’s dog décor to drool for.

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We came across the Messy Mutts line at a pet expo a few months back and were blown away by how beautiful their products are! We had the opportunity to test out one of their silicon double feeders and it has performed fantastically! We love that it prevents our bowls from sliding around the floor and the raised lip really helps cut down on the mess our boys make while eating and drinking!
Sun, 04/26/2015 - 08:31

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