Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!
November 22, 2012 by Connie Wilson


Here's to you and your dogs! At this special time, there's nothing like getting together with friends and family to enjoy a special meal and celebrate the year's blessings. 

Please beware though, guests are often tempted to sneak treats to Poochie who's sitting quietly under the table hopefully awaiting a dropped scrap of food. You of course know that you should never give your dog bones from the table, your dinner guests are another matter. Ensure your get-together doesn't end with a trip to the vet -- inform them that cooked bones, particularly small ones, can splinter and the shards could cause choking as well as blockage or injury to your dog's gastro-intestinal tract. For other reminders of potential hazards to your furry friend, check out the ASPCA's Thanksgiving Safety Tips.  

So that guests won't be tempted to spoil Bella with human foods, why not whip up a healthy and yummy treat they can give her instead? In just five minutes flat you can prepare these Sweet Potatoe Chews. Featured in our Fall issue, they're comprised of just a single ingredient, are chock-full of vitamins and are super-healthful while also being great-tasting. Click here for the recipe.

Wishing you a wooftastic Thanksgiving!!



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