Four Canadian Animal Heroes

Four Canadian Animal Heroes
May 10, 2010 by Connie Wilson

Last week one cat and three dogs were inducted into Purina’s Animal Hall of Fame for their heroic acts. Every year new pet heroes are inducted at a private ceremony in the spring. If you or someone you know has a heroic pet that you’d like to nominate into Purina’s Animal Hall of Fame, then click here for American nominees ( or click here for Canadian nominees:

Here are this year’s Canadian heroes:

Gepetto, Wetaskiwin, Alberta

A normally mellow cat, Gepetto wailed incessantly as his home filled with more than 70 per cent carbon monoxide, prompting his owner to get help - in the nick of time.



Patty, Westlock, Alberta

A Border Collie mix, Patty frantically alerted a farmer to the fact that a 2700 kg/6,000 lb agricultural machine had crushed his father. Thanks to Patty, the critically injured man was found and able to get the life saving assistance he needed.


Chance, South Bar, Nova Scotia

For two days and nights during an unexpected blizzard, Chance, a Dalmatian/Fox Terrier mix, stayed by the side of a 7-year old severely autistic boy who had wandered into the woods near his home. By following Chance's tracks in the snow, rescuers were able to locate the boy.


Service Dog of the Year,
Bingo, Shilo, Manitoba

A Jack Russell Terrier, Bingo, is a unique hearing dog who is trained to bark when his charge, now an 8-year old boy, stops breathing. A true life saver, she has alerted the family countless times to their son's condition - in just enough time for them to get help.



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