Your Summer Inspo

Your Summer Inspo
Summer is finally here! Take your cues from these summer-loving pups and dive into the best the season has to offer. Ice cream cone, anyone?


1. Go ahead; give yourself permission to play like a kid. Instead of dodging that sprinkler, why not run through it?

2. Our dogs are never happier than when they’re eating. Join them in the simple plesaure of a cool treat on a hot day. For a pup-friendly ice cream recipe go to

3. Whatever big move you’re contemplating, go for it. Throw yourself in the deep end.

4. Two words: kiddie pool. So you live somewhere landlocked? Don’t let that rain on your parade. Kiddie pools are fun for everyone, dogs and adults included.

5. Truth: there are very few days that can’t be improved by a fun floatie. Grab your pool toys and your pup and retire to the nearest body of water.

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