Is Your Dog an Adventure Pooch?

Adventure Pooch
Is Your Dog an Adventure Pooch?
Summer products for the outdoor adventure dog!


What's your dog's summer personality type? Are they a Party Pup, Adventure Pooch, Water Dog or City Hound? Take our Hello Summer Quiz to see what type of summer adventures best suit your dog. 

Here's our recommended products for all the Adventure Pooches out there!

Your adventure dog deserves a delicious post-hike meal! USA sourced and made with all-natural, human-grade ingredients, Portland Pet Food Company's lightweight, BPA-free meal pouches have a two-year shelf life.

Always be prepared with the multi-season Rain Slicker by Chilly Dogs! With a perfect fit for every size, it offers 100% wind and water protection. Carefully crafted in Canada.

Casual sophistication meets high-function with the Richmond Commuter Harness from Mission Wild. Featuring premium ripstop, heathered material, reflective trim, and two snap on saddle bags, it’s perfect for an excursion with your pup!

Keep your pet safe, comfortable, and stylish with the Buddy Belt harness! The unique low-cut design cradles your dog's chest, minimizing pressure on the neck and spine. Available in many sizes and colours with the accessories to match.

Even thrill-seekers need to stay safe! The innovative and ultralight design of the Life Savior from Hurtta North America ensures a comfortable fit with plenty of flexibility in the water. Available in 5 sizes.

Is it really summer if you don’t get a little dirty? The WetPet towel is a super absorbent, biodegradable and disposable single-use towel that helps eliminate any cross-contamination.

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