Wintery Pups

Wintery Pups
These dogs are making the most of the winter season!


We get why people dislike winter so much — it's cold as anything, and our pups can sure get messy in the snow! But as with anything, dogs can find the beauty in this frosty season. Curl up with a hot chocolate and a thick blanket, and enjoy these photographs of dogs bringing joy in the darkest season of the year! - ERM


1) Boomer

Handsome Boomer the Coonhound/Husky mix enjoys a snowy day in Wisconsin. - Submitted by Ashley


2) Tyson

Tyson the English Bulldog isn't afraid of a little blizzard! - Submitted by Chase G


3) Bodhi

Bodhi the Pembroke Welsh Corgi spends a winter on the beautiful Pacific Northwest coast of Tofino, British Columbia. - Submitted by Lisa R


4) Cozy

Cozy the Cocker Spaniel loves making snow angels! I'm sure Cozy's mom will make sure he fits his name this cold, snuggly season. - Submitted by Melinda


5) Halo

Black Labrador Halo loves ice fishing! He is pictured here on an ice fishing trip in New Hampshire. - Submitted by Brittney S


6) Indie

Indie the Australian Shepherd/Husky mix woke everyone up at 6:00am during the first snowfall of the season! Too excited for words! - Submitted by Savannah A


7) Kali

Kali the Australian Shepherd looks just beautiful speckled with snow! - Submitted by Rini S


8) Maya

Maya the Labrador Retriever looks delighted to be out this snowy, wintery day! - Submitted by Marie-Andree L


9) Arlo

Winter is not complete without a snowy trip to the mountains! Arlo the Golden Retriever/Great Pyrenees is loving it! - Submitted by Lisa W


10) Aspen Daniels

Little Aspen Daniels the chocolate lab pup sure looks startled by the first snowfall! - Submitted by Tiffany O


11) Rico

Rico the shepherd/lab treks through a deep snowfall. - Submitted by Nicole A


12) Shoka

Shoka the Bernese Mountain Dog explores a mythical Narnia-like forest. - Submitted by Keltie

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