Truffle Dog Championship

Truffle Dog
Truffle Dog Championship


You’re entering truffle country! 2019 Oregon Truffle Festival, held in the Eugene and Willamette Valley, kicks off with the fifth annual Joriad North American Truffle Dog Championship on January 24. The only one of its kind in the country, the Joriad gathers trained truffle-sniffing dogs and their owners from across the country in a competition to find truffle-scented targets. 

The first round takes place at the Lane County Fairgrounds in Eugene, Oregon, offering plenty of entertainment as the crowd cheers on the dogs. Then, the top dogs from round one move into the forest, where they hunt for real deal truffles hiding in the root systems of trees. The winner is announced at the awards ceremony that evening, where owners parade their proud dogs around for all to see. The 2018 winner was a rescued Chihuahua mutt named Gustave, proving that even the scrappiest of underdogs can make their way to the top in this light-hearted competition! For more info, go to Read more about Truffle Dogs here!

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