Stray Dog Kept Stealing Unicorn Toy From Dollar General

Stray Dog Kept Stealing Unicorn Toy From Dollar General
Sweet Lab-mix Sisu had his eye on the prize: a purple stuffed unicorn at the local Dollar General in Kenansville, North Carolina.


The stray had reportedly entered the store no less than five times in an attempt to steal the mythical creature right from under the staff’s noses. After a call to Animal Control, the dog was apprehended for his repeated B&E efforts and taken to the local shelter, but not without his prized possession. It seems Sisu had melted the first of many hearts to come; Samantha Lane, the animal control officer tasked with the stray’s capture, first purchased the $10 unicorn for her new charge to snuggle with at the shelter. Sisu was reportedly happy to head off once he had his new toy.

According to People magazine, the shelter gave the would-be thief the name Sisu after the dragon in the latest Disney film, Raya and The Last Dragon. The shelter staff shared Sisu’s adorable attempts at thievery on Facebook and the story went viral. Sisu was adopted just one day later. The Duplin County Animal Services Facebook post describes him as very vocal, “sassy with other dogs, and will not tolerate any back talk.” Sisu just knows what he wants, and we think he deserves it.

For their part, Dollar General donated dog food to the Duplin County Animal Services shelter and made sure to throw in a few extra unicorns for Sisu’s forever home.

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