Spring Has Sprung!

Spring Has Sprung!
The grass is riz... I wonder where my chew toy is?


We are ecstatic that spring is here! Snowdrops are blooming, and robins are searching for breakfast as snow and frost fades. These dogs, too, are frolicking in sunshine and colourful gardens, ready for cherry blossom season, warmer showers, and longer days. It may still be rainy and cold on some days, but hope springs anew during springtime, and dogs are always in the spirit of the season! Photographs submitted by participants Modern Dog's Photocontest. - ERM


1) Tiko

"Woooooo no more winter coats!!" - Tiko submitted by Hannah B.


2) Buddy

Dogs can't see colour like humans can - but Buddy knows that the nose knows! - Buddy submitted by Bob and Donna B.


3) Charleigh

Spring has sprung! The grass is riz. I wonder where my chew toy is? - Charleigh submitted by Diane P.


4) Ringo

Ringo the German Shepherd celebrates springtime with a beautiful flower crown! Ringo submitted by Cori L.


5) Crosby

"Am I as beautiful as your flowers Mommy?" - Crosby submitted by Michelle.


6) Jenna and Marley

"I'm so excited for our first spring walk!"

"Speak for yourself. I have hay fever!"

- Jenna and Marley submitted by Carlie and Joy C.


7) Roxette

"I AM happy it's Spring! I just have resting sadface ." - Roxette submitted by Eli.


8) Bailey and Brook

"It's spring, Bailey. You know what that means."

"New squirrels to chase!!"

"Exactly, my friend. Exactly."

- Bailey and Brook submitted by Darren and Kathleen


9) Copper

"Okay, so flowers aren't technically out yet in my neighbourhood. But maybe if I use a Snapchat filter people won't notice..." - Copper


10) Nico

YAAAAAAAAAAAS IT'S FROLIC TIME!!! - Nico submitted by Laura M.

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