To the Rescue: The Dogs of Sea Tow

To the Rescue: The Dogs of Sea Tow
These are the faces you want to see when in trouble on the water


Picture this: you’re on the water and encounter a problem. You’ve run aground or perhaps you’re out of fuel. The waves are getting larger. And then—help approaches.

Who loves their job? These dogs do!

The professional captains of Sea Tow are aided by trusty canine companions. Together they patrol the waterways and bring smiles to the faces of all who work and play on the water. Some of the Dogs of Sea Tow are more recognizable than Sea Tow employees! Boaters young and old love interacting with these dogs, who bring calming relief when boaters find themselves in stressful situations, like groundings, accidents or simply if they ran out of gas.

From the Cooper, the fox-red Lab at Sea Tow Cape and Islands in MS, to yellow Lab Tuna at Sea Tow Wrightsville Beach, NC, to the newbie, nine-month-old Golden Retriever Skipper at Sea Tow Fort Lauderdale, FL, these dogs are a welcome sight to boaters in distress. The Dogs of Sea Tow love being on the water on Sea Tow boats and helping their captains provide assistance to thousands of boaters in need. We can’t imagine a more welcome sight.

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