Pet Photographer Joshua Oldridge Gives Support to Rescue Dogs in Need

Joshua Oldridge photograph of dog in the sun
Pet Photographer Joshua Oldridge Gives Support to Rescue Dogs in Need


Having grown up with dogs as a part of the family, pet photographer Joshua Oldridge has always been drawn to friends of the canine variety, and like many of us, wishes to support them in living their happiest, healthiest lives. Through bright, breathtaking photography, Oldridge both expresses his passion for canines and supports rescue dogs in their quest to find loving homes. 

Joshua Oldridge photograph of dog in the sun


As a photographer and a dog lover, nothing is more satisfying for Oldridge than combining these passions to help dogs in need. On top of his professional photography sessions with dogs, Oldridge volunteers his time and creativity with three rescue groups, helping rescue dogs find forever homes by highlighting their unique personalities through photography. Oldridge believes that capturing the essence of these shelter dogs helps to express their unique voices and supports them to connect with homes that will love them for who they are. 


Joshua Oldridge photograph of Chihuahua in desert

Although Joshua Oldridge has a strong connection to canines, his interactions with dogs have not always been positive. Oldridge was bit by a rescue dog as a child, but rather than let this traumatic experience deter him, it has inspired his goal to help these dogs in need. “I realized in order to overcome I had to forgive. I was taught to face situations head-on and not run from them. This incident sparked an immediate urge to learn more about dogs and their personalities,” says this generous pet photographer. 


Joshua Oldridge photograph of dog in the sun



Having worked as a hairstylist for six years, Oldridge is well versed in working with fussy clients. In his own words, “whether a two-legged or four-legged customer, each has their own personality and unique demands. Similar to the two-legged customer, not all dogs are well behaved.” For Oldridge, nothing is better than capturing a pet being themselves, and so dogs that can’t sit still are some of his best clients! 




Learn more about Oldridge’s work at and check out his Instagram (@joshuaoldridgephotography) to see beautiful photography and get heartwarming adoption updates. 


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Beautiful story and photos! I love reading inspiring content such as this one. Thanks for sharing.
Mon, 12/31/2018 - 12:26

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