Modern Dog's 2019 Holiday Gift Guide: Dog Owner Essentials

Modern Dog's 2019 Holiday Gift Guide: Dog Owner Essentials
Paw-fect gifts for the dog people in your life


Better! Nose Butter with Extra Strength CBD from Dr. Fuzzball’s was created to help pups with dry, cracked noses & hyperkeratosis. A chronically dry nose can interfere with their most important sense - smell!



Lil’ Archie’s Eco-Canvas dog bag dispensers will add a pop of colour to your daily walks. You can feel good about choosing a product that is eco-friendly while stylish.





A pet carrier made to last - The SturdiBag Large. SturdiProducts' best-seller and a great gift for small dog owners. This pet carrier will live up to its reputation!



The Tidy Dog bowl has corner-less walls and a contoured bottom, letting food and water collect in the centre of the bowl. This stops your dog’s ears from falling in their food, eliminating ear infections!



The Pets Don’t Stink collection From Walton Wood Farm is crafted in North America and includes shampoo, foam bath, mess cleaner, wipes, and spritz. Available in a fresh bamboo and mint scent!



This ceramic slow feeder from Susan O'Hanlon Pottery helps your dog enjoy meals without tummy trouble, minimizing bloat risk and gastrointestinal issues associated with rapid eating. Handmade in USA. Use Code MD19 for $5 off!



The Alpine Blanket from Chilly Dogs Inc. has waterproof & windproof nylon on one side and cozy microfleece on the other. It’s perfect for outdoor activities or curling up with your pup!



Sick and tired of the challenges associated with walking your dog in the winter? The Walkease from Best Friend Apparel are the first ever winter gloves for dog owners! Use code MD15 for 15% off.


Treat your furry friend to a s-paw day with the Furbliss Grooming Kit! This set gives you everything you need to get started: Furbliss Refreshing & Invigorating Shampoo, Nourishing Conditioner, Refreshing & Calming Spray, along with a Furbliss Brush!



This holiday gift bag from Blue Ridge Botanicals is the perfect gift for any dog owner! Includes a trio of products with their Calm My Dog essential oil blend for a happy and relaxed pup this holiday season.



This award-winning line of Certified Organic Dog Grooming Products from 4 Legger includes everything your dog needs for healthy skin and coat. No synthetics. Nothing artificial. When only the best will do!



The Cityline Diner from NMN Designs is a sleek, modern dog feeder made of solid, high-grade, recycled steel bars and powder coated with a UV-protectant, making it great for both indoors and out!



The new Lumo Ridgeback grooming tool removes all shed hair, at least 2X faster, with a gentle tool that pets love! Use code ‘Modern’ to get $20 off.



Help your coughing dog without steroid pills and their side-effects (urination, lethargy, behaviour change). The AeroDawg Chamber helps deliver inhaled medications directly to the airways so your dog can breathe easier and live better.



PawPad is designed for everyone who loves to sleep with their pets but dislikes the mess. Waterproof, absorbent, lightweight, and machine washable and dryer safe. Available in 3 colours and 2 sizes.



Sammy’s Shiny Coat from Stengel Oils is made from 100% virgin, cold-pressed flax oil. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, this oil help to improve the shine of you pup’s coat as well as improve skin conditions.



All of the fun, none of the mess! 4Knines makes durable and innovative seat covers and cargo liners to protect your vehicle. A perfect holiday gift!



Introducing Lovoom, a rotating pet camera with food launcher which allows you to feed, talk and play with your fur babies through your smartphone! Features include 180-degree rotation camera, two-way audio, auto-feeding timer, and more.


Finally, with Bike Tow Leash your pup will be tired before you are! It’s the perfect gift for the active dog owner.  Made in the USA and APA approved for safe rides.



Give your dog the gift of no more itching with Jax n Daisy’s ‘Don’t Let Your Dog Itch’ shampoo!  Infused with natural and essential oils to help soothe your pup’s irritated skin.



Increase the traction of your slippery hardwood stairs for both you and your pup with stair treads from Dean Flooring Company. Made from 100% nylon and easily installed – just peel and stick!



The K9Mask protects pets from air pollution such as wildfire smoke, dust, and chemicals (from $49). Washable muzzle mask with superior N95 rated air filters. USA made.



Bark Potty is the new generation of pee pads! Made of real bark, lasts up to one month, replaces up to 60 pee pads, neutralizes odours, recyclable, and made in the USA.




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