Meet the Scottish Terrier!

the Scottish Terrier
Meet the Scottish Terrier!
Is the dapper, spirited Scottie dog right for you?


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With his distinguished good looks, alert expression, and trademark silhouette, the Scottish Terrier is an instantly recognizable member of the dog world. Though short-legged, he’s solid, weighing 18 to 22 pounds. This strikingly bearded terrier offers personality plus in a compact package.

The Scottish Terrier is an independent, confident companion of high spirits with a dignified, almost-human character, notes the AKC. These high-energy terriers are up for brisk walks and vigorous play, like games of tug.

  • Aloof towards strangers.
  • Excellent watchdog.
  • Strong hunting instinct (may bother cats).
  • Wiry topcoat and soft, dense undercoat requires regular grooming. Though commonly black, Scotties can also be wheaten yellow or brindle-striped.
  • Known for being ill-tempered with other dogs.
  • Clever and energetic.
  • Great choice for small homes or apartments.

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