How To Massage Your Dog

How To Massage Your Dog
4 techniques to help your pup rest, relax, and rejuvenate

Ahhh—yeahhh—that’s the right spot. What’s that? No, it doesn’t hurt, it’s divine! Don’t stop now... Who doesn’t love a massage? You can’t beat something that feels so good and is good for you, too. Massage lowers blood pressure and reduces stress for both the giver and receiver and takes only minutes a day. Better yet, learning how to give your dog a massage is easy. And if you believe in karmic retribution, just think of all those massages waiting for you down the road!

Daily Massage

Daily Dog massage

In just ten minutes a day, you can give your dog a “maintenance” massage. Use a flat palm to slowly touch all the parts of your dog’s body. Really focus on what you are feeling and pay attention to all the layers, from hair through skin, fat, muscle, and down to bone. Meanwhile, Liverlover is basking in the attention and loving the extra “petting.” However, there is more to these massages than just quality time together. After a few days, you will have a clear picture of what is normal for your dog’s body. In future sessions, you will be quick to notice any differences in surface temperature, sensitivity to touch, localized swelling or muscle tension, poor coat quality or tight skin. Left undetected, these things can lead to problems requiring medical care, medications, or even surgery. Knowing what feels normal for your dog can also help you provide better information for your veterinarian, trainer, or massage practitioner. This is one way that regular massage can add to the length and quality of your pet’s life.

Calming the Nervous Dog

Calming Dog Massage

Oh, oh. The distant sound of thunder is rolling through your neighbourhood. Your dog begins to whine, roll his eyes, and pant. He dives under your bed. Is there anything you can do to reduce his stress? Massage may be the answer. Massage therapists use a stroke similar to petting to relax the nervous system. Lightly rest the flat palm of your hand on top of your dog’s head or neck. Make long, sweeping passes along the length of the spine and down the tail. Repeat this several times slowly. You can gradually increase your pressure if your dog likes it. Do not press straight down on the lower part of the back. To finish, allow one hand to rest at the base of your pet’s head and the other hand to rest over the area of the pelvis (the high point over your dog’s hips). These two areas correspond to the part of the spinal cord that controls the rest and relaxation responses of the body (for example, sleep, digestion, and tissue repair). This technique is useful any time your dog is nervous or fearful, such as during nail trimming or vaccinations, or when he is hyperactive or restless.


Try This! Ways to Reduce Anxiety

If your dog's nervousness or anxiety is difficult to manage, even with massage, here are a couple options you can try: 

  • Shed Defender's dog onesie: These outfits create a gentle, constant pressure on your dog that's very comforting and helps reduce anxiety. The onesie also helps minimize shedding throughout the house (hence the name).
  • Check out this article on 5 ways to reduce separation anxiety in dogs and learn more about managing stress in the household.Ed.


Warm-Up Massage for Active Dogs

Warm-Up Dog Massage

If you work out or play a sport, you’ve likely been told many a time that warming up your body is a vital part of your fitness routine. Active dogs that compete, run, hike with their owners, or just play hard also deserve a good warm-up, and it may even prevent injury. Start with several minutes of petting strokes over your dog’s entire body. Briskly rub the large muscles (neck, shoulders, buttocks, and thighs) with the heel of your hand. Gently lift and squeeze the muscles. The technique is a lot like kneading bread dough. Wrap your fingers around each lower leg and squeeze gently. Relax your grip and move up Warm-up for active dogs the leg gradually, squeezing as you go. Finish with more petting over the entire body to stimulate the nerves.

Relieving Joint Stiffness and Soreness

Relieving Soreness Dog Massage

The weekend was great—on Saturday, Tex ran with the gang for hours at the dog park. Then, on Sunday, you two hiked all day. But Monday doesn’t look so good. Tex is limping from couch to water dish, and declining your invitations to play. Ouch! Recent exertion, aging, or inactivity can lead to soreness and stiffness in joints and muscles. To help, start by petting the area around the joint to warm the tissue. Then place your hand(s) over the area and apply gentle compressions over the area. You can use your breathing or count slowly to establish a rhythm as you press and release the muscles. The pumping motion moves fluids through the muscles and takes tension off the tendons surrounding the joint. Never use sudden or direct force over a bone. Finish with more petting over the area to soothe the nerves. Keep in mind that regular massage throughout the life of your pet may help prevent the stiffness and pain that contributes to arthritis. Readers should note that massage is not a substitute for veterinary care. Severe conditions require diagnosis and treatment by your veterinarian.


Need some extra help soothing your dog's sore joints and muscles?

CBD oil is being found to be extremely helpful for relieving pain and inflammation, allowing your dog to keep active and healthy. From sprains and general muscle stiffness, to arthritis in older dogs, couple your massages with Medix CBD oil for a super effective treatment in keeping your dog limber and moving.Ed.









Lola Michelin has been massaging animals for over 18 years. She learned her trade while working as a veterinarian technician, a zookeeper, an animal trainer, and massage practitioner. She founded the Northwest School of Animal Massage and teaches animal massage around the world. For more information on animal massage, visit


*We promote the best information and products for our readers, and some may be affiliates of Modern Dog, which means we make a small amount when you purchase. Thank you for your support! 

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Black Jack, Poker and Baccarat your three different broad kinds
of Casino Card Game. In almost all the online casinos of earth
these three games are played surely.

To make this happen you'll require to employ a quantity of Texas Holdem poker tricks and tips, and when you're up against some experienced players it could take a few minutes to get the better

(3) Do research. Know and understand all the rules of the
game a single wants to play. Learn strategies
to make chances more favorable to they. If you can, find online casino gaming
sites that enable you to play and exercise your game without betting any fund.
That way, there is no danger of losing profits without even having a
fighting regarding getting it back.

COD 2 calls for an volume of no cost disk
space to become essential in the runtime. If such freed from charge disk area isn't offered, the sport typically crashes
with Mss32.dll error.
Wed, 04/03/2019 - 21:09
For 30 days I are usually learning and dealing on web.
Perhaps, there is a thing wrong with the resource space.
What you preferably should do is look on the budget.
Mon, 03/25/2019 - 11:23
Now maybe you really May make money while you are dead, or even while you
sleep, as the most common ad copy goes, but I've found
out that most folks make money online the same way their bricks and mortar counterparts do, they work for it.

On the additional hand, could possibly simple and uncomplicated the key Taurus nature
which means the day to day simplicity of life also appeals to you.
Sitting on a bench under an open, clear, sky777 money with the noise of birds as well as the wind rustling through
the trees is sufficient make truly alive and emotionally and
romantically pleased about your partner if doable !
share most likely in likely to measure with them and think they appreciate nature and the simple things
in life as incredibly well.

To get back a boyfriend or girlfriend, you truly turn off your
cellphone and disappear for time. "But if I'm not texting my ex, won't they seem to I forgot about folks?"
Yes - and that's a factor.

Sarangani's sunset was a glorious attention! My
83-year old mom happily concurred - you have
to take it very. She does not agree easily - it took lots
of calculated spins to market the family holiday to be with her - and take her off her rocking chair at home.

That's because roller coaster only seats two people across, very unusual.
As well . people come as couples or with kids, it's harder to identify a a single
seat left each point in time.

In every relationship, I guess it's vital that you know each other very well,
that you fully give him/her your belief. Give him the benefit
from a doubt. Be consistent, keep word. Face every problem that
you come accross. Life is loaded with trials and obstacles, it is within you the way you will face rest of a lifetime.

Above all, have trust in God.

Windows - They should be designed paying attention to the safety
of kids. The style, pattern chosen should not harm any
child. They ought to be as airy as it can be. You can choose
from long drapes to blinds or short curtains to go with the theme
of the room, however must make sure that child does not harm it's poker room.
Mon, 04/22/2019 - 16:26
When while using positivity sandwich, the ACT with Tact
approach may be helpful. There are a handful relationships tend to be similar to
a fairy tale story. Check with the firm or even the dress beautiful designer.
Thu, 01/31/2019 - 06:37
Without good content, nothing else matters. Having good content is vital when happen to be on Twitter.
What do you've to say about the concept? So, what perform going set
in its pages?
Thu, 01/31/2019 - 12:48
Got some success with my Ranking Vin Diesel's Movies article so i thought I would do a further.
Can you guess who I chose? If you said anyone other than Jennifer Connelly then you must be beginner to my writings, hello, nice fulfill you.
If you did say Jennifer Connelly then to you I must say,
thank you captain obvious.

How choose from the myriad great movies regarding subject matter from the Vietnam Gua?
My personal favorite movie regarding Vietnam is Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Nowadays.
I love everything for this movie, mainly because gives a terrifying view the shock and trauma that Vietnam
had on many of its soldiers.

Yikes! Jennifer Aniston and Jack Black coloured? Although Jack Black does develop a great joke about
doing voices for Dreamworks films and betting the money he results
in it on Pixar movies at the Oscars.

Witherspoon is Oscar champ. I'm not saying an Oscar is often a golden answer to any role an actor
wants however in this case her Oscar came role as June Carter-Cash in "Walk the Line" where
she played another female singer of strong character.
Simply did she play the role believably but she studied and
captured the vocal stylings of Carter-Cash also as her more demure stage persona and her stronger real-life persona in the well-blended portrayal that nearly stole the movie from joker android apk who delivered a magnificent Johnny Instant
cash. She knows what take in order to off another performance of an iconic
star's life.

Located in Camp Hughes, California, the camp gives children with
life-threatening illnesses to have a "camp" connection with arts, crafts, swimming together with other camp-centric recreations, but in the same time, provide around-the-clock medical care at
absolutely free. In fact, the camp ground has no billing department at nearly.

She has voice. While Carter-Cash sang country and Lee any jazz and pop singer, Witherspoon delivers the vocal range to manage both.
Obviously some training and plenty of rehearsal should into her preparations but she has now demonstrated that they
has the capability to have a tune and pretty well in my opinion.

If in deed this is often a prefix and combination of upcoming character that Joaquin possibly may portray look true beats journey, no one is going to get their hands on it until
a movie or a cut is leaked. Again, the live cuts might compare into the clean separates.
Some asked if his upbringing had anything concerning this decision, however I see
no connection except talent in explore.

I'm Still Here premiers in limited release September 10th
2010. Joaquin's brother-in-law, Casey Aflleck Directed the
film. I'm thinking this will either play out like a really bad
marathon of Leave it to Lamas episodes as well as the most
uncomfortable hunt for a lost soul since Werner Herzog's Grizzly
Man - or even better, when M. Knight Shyamalan cast himself as the Writer That Saves the Universe in Lady in the Rain water.
Tue, 02/12/2019 - 18:50


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