Is Honey Good for Dogs?

Is Honey Good For Dogs
Is Honey Good for Dogs?
Should you be giving this sweet liquid to your canine friend?


Is Honey Good for Dogs - 4 Ways It Might Help Your Pup

1. Ease environmental allergies. If your dog has seasonal allergies, try feeding raw honey. Raw local honey contains traces amount of the pollens in the area. Consuming the honey can help your dog adjust to the allergens gradually, preventing a full-blown immune system response.

2. Treat minor wounds. Naturally antibacterial, raw honey makes an ideal dressing for minor topical wounds by keeping the area moist and clean, promoting healing. After cleaning the wound, spread on a thick layer of honey and lightly bandage. You may have to use an Elizabethan collar to keep your dog from licking it off!

3. Upset stomach, diarrhea, minor stomach ulcers—feeding raw honey can help with all of these by soothing and coating the GI tract while honey’s natural antibacterial properties can help destroy harmful bacteria.

4. Kennel cough. As with people, feeding raw honey to dogs can help soothe a sore throat and ease coughs. Plus, honey is a great form of energy, which can perk up an ailing dog.

Manuka: Next-level Honey

Is honey good for dogs, yes If you can afford it, choose Manuka honey. Created by bees pollinating the manuka trees in New Zealand and parts of Australia, it has the highest antibacterial properties of any honey, with the price tag to match. Often costing four times more than local honey, it’s the most expensive honey in the world but proponents swear by it. It’s even FDA approved for use on human burn patients.

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