Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!
These cute pups are awaiting a visit from the Easter Bunny!


Happy Easter everyone! We hope everyone has a lovely day with their families, friends, and/or dogs! Just don't forget to keep the chocolate away from your pups! 


1) Sherlock

"I'm wearing the perfect disguise... now will you give me some of your Easter ham?" - Sherlock submitted by K.K


2) Isis

Isis is ready for an Easter Egg hunt with her lovely Easter bonnet! - Isis submitted by Carrie G



3) Bella

New spring animals are out and about at Easter, and Bella is here to chew on their stuffed look-alikes! - Bella submitted by Cheyenne N


4) Charlie, George, and Louie

Are these three dogs or three Easter rabbits? It's so hard to tell! - Charlie, George, and Louie submitted by Wayne.


5) Bunny

"My name's Bunny, and I'm a bunny. Any questions?" - Bunny submitted by Stefani V


6) Bruno

Doggies can't have chocolate eggs, but luckily Bruno can fill his basket with Easter flowers! - Bruno submitted by Yukiko R


7) Tiffy

Tiffy could pass for an Easter egg in that cute spring coat! - Tiffy submitted by Keri


8) Bella

What a beautiful Easter surprise! We love all the spring colours in this photograph. - Bella submitted by Amy-Louise M 


9) Blaze

Blaze definitely wins the award for "Most Easter Spirit"! - Blaze submitted by Jennifer D


10) Zombie

Zombie has the perfect white coat to pass as a white Easter rabbit! - Zombie submitted by Jessie


11) Nami and Ryuta

Easter is clearly Nami and Ryuta's favourite holiday! - Nami and Ryuta submitted by Sally N


12) Louis Littles

Forget chocolate eggs -- we want a puppy in our Easter baskets this year! - Louis Littles submitted by Staci D


13) Bella

To be honest, if we were Bella, we'd be terrified of that rabbit -- but she sure does look precious in her Easter outfit! - Bella submitted by Mandy L


14) Sasha

You guys all better have a Happy Easter! I don't want to have put on this bonnet for nothing. - Sasha submitted by Theresa


15) Colt

Happy Easter to you too Colt, and all other Modern Dogs! - Colt submitted by Besmeh B


Make sure your pooch is ready for a visit from the Easter bunny with these Modern Dog approved Easter goodies!

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