Dogs Getting in the Holiday Spirit

Holiday dog
Dogs Getting in the Holiday Spirit
Christmas is going to the dogs.


Who doesn't love dressed up dogs? Check out our collection of Christmas dogs you need to see to get you in the holiday mood. 


1) Taj rocking the wreath like nobody's business

Adorable Golden Retriever wearing a christmas wreath


2) Bella putting a bow on it (literally)

Cute smiling dog with Christmas bows


3) Luxe attempting to untangle the Christmas lights

Adorable dog wrapped up in Christmas lights


4) Meeko or Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer? We'll let you decide.

Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer outfit on a dog


5) Oliver putting the finishing touches on the Christmas tree

dog helping put up the Christmas ornaments


6) Mickey and Hans baking up a Christmas storm

Two dogs wearing Christmas outfits, aprons and hats


7) Moli wins for being Santa's best little helper

Adorable pug in a Santa hat and Christmas outfit


8) Lulu in front of her Christmas tree. "I decorated it all paw myself!"

dog dressed up for the holidays in front of a Christmas tree


9) Sadie looking adorably awesome and festive in red

Adorable pitbull wearing a christmas hat and outfit


10) Honey patiently waiting for Santa Claus to bring her pawsents

Dog waiting by the window for Santa beside a Christmas tree



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