A Dog Toy That Smells Like Dog Butt? Yes indeed.

A Dog Toy That Smells Like Dog Butt? Yes indeed.
Here’s why it’s a good thing


There are many dog behaviours that we humans have a hard time comprehending, and of these, the ubiquitous butt sniffing probably tops the list. Think of it as the dog version of a handshake, but so much more. A dog’s sense of smell is 10,000 to 100,000 times better than ours so a lot of dog-to-dog communication is done through smell. When a dog greets another dog with a sniff to the butt, he is getting a biography of his potential new friend. Gender, reproductive status, health, diet, and emotional state are all things that can be gleaned from a sniff of the chemicals secreted by the anal glands. In a mind bending move, Samson Pet Group has discovered how to synthesize these chemicals and put them in a toy! Before you recoil at the idea, the inferior human nose can’t smell a thing. These heavy duty, non-toxic flatties can help pups that suffer from separation anxiety or boredom by providing comfort in knowing that a good friend is only a sniff away! Get one for just $15 at TheSamsonPetGroup.com.

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